Corrie vicky 1995

Vicky Arden in 1995.

Vicky McDonald (Nee Arden) was a character in Coronation Street from 1990 to Ep 4534 - 30 Dec 1998. She is the granddaughter of Alec Gilroy. Vicky was played by Chloe Newsome.






Corrie vicky arden

Vicky Arden in 1995.

Just before Christmas, Vicky returned to Weatherfield to to see her grandfather Alec to offer him a partnership in a wine bar in Brighton in Sussex. Alec jumped at the chance and sold the Rovers to Natalie Barnes, and told Jack and Vera she was their new boss. Alec and Vicky then left Weatherfield for good.

After 1998Edit

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 8th January 1977

Full Name: Victoria Arden (later McDonald and Unknown)

Parents: Tim Arden and Sandra Arden (Nee Gilroy)

Siblings: None

Grandfathers: Alec Gilroy, Mr Arden

Grandmothers: Joyce Gilroy, Mrs Arden

Great Grandfathers: Reg Gilroy, Harry Crosby

Great Grandmothers: Mabel Gilroy

Spouse: Steve McDonald (1995-1997), Robert (1999-)