Susan Cunningham was a character in Coronation Street who was first seen in Episode 1 (9 Dec 1960). She was a university girlfriend of Ken Barlow. In 2010 he discovered she had passed away a few years prior. Susan was played by Patricia Shakesby.



Susan Cunningham was born in about 1939 in Weatherfield. She had a sister.


Susan visited Ken at his house at Number 3 Coronation Street in December 1960. The following month they took part in a "Ban the Bomb" protest, and separated thereafter.

After 1961 and deathEdit

Unknown to Ken, Susan fell pregnant and she attempted to contact him by sending a letter to his house, but it ended up being lost behind the skirting board. Later that year she gave birth to his son Lawrence. Lawrence would later go onto having his own children James and Chloe.

In August 2010 the current occupants at No.3 Emily Bishop and Norris Cole discovered the letter and gave it to Ken (who was residing now next-door at Number 1 Coronation Street and he discovered Susan was pregnant to his child. He tracked down her sister and found out Susan passed away some years prior, but had left him a grown son and two grandchildren.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: About 1939

Died: Before 2010 (Inbetween 2000 and 2010)

Full Name: Susan Cunningham

Parents: Mr. Cunningham and Mrs. Cunningham

Siblings: 1 sister

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Lawrence Cunningham (1961)

Grandparents: Grandfather


  • Susan Cunningham appeared briefly from December 1960 to January 1961. 49 years later in September 2010, her son Lawrence Cunningham said he was born in August 1961, meaning he was concieved around November 1960, thus indicating Susan was a few weeks pregnant by the time of her first appearance.
  • As Susan only lived at the other side of Weatherfield (as established in the first episode) it isn't known why she couldn't just drive over and see Ken and tell him about her pregnancy, as she easily met up with him on several occasions when he appeared.