Norris Benjamin Cole is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 3670 - 11 Mar 1994. Norris has a habit of being a busybody. He is known as "Nozza" to some, and he does not like that nickname. He is played by Malcolm Hebden.



Norris Benjamin Cole was born on the 5th March 1940 in Weatherfield to Mr. Cole and Eunice Mary Cole. Norris had an older half brother Ramsay Clegg who had been adopted as a baby in 1935. In 1960, Norris' half brother Ramsay visited Norris and his mum but she turned him away. Eunice died in January 1961 aged 46. Norris blamed Ramsay for her death. They clashed at their mums funeral. Ramsay then got the next available flight back to Australia, cutting all ties with Norris for the next 48 years. In 1961, Norris visited Darlington. Norris later married Myrtle Hargreaves but they never had any children. Norris was a friend of Derek Wilton.


Norris and Derek were allotment rivals. He then left his wife Myrtle and married Angela Hawthorne in 1995. Their marriage was short. Derek Wilton died in April 1997 so Norris felt no need to visit Coronation Street for the time being.


In late 1999 Norris moved into Coronation Street and helped run The Kabin with Rita Sullivan. Norris gained a reputation for being a busybody, always making assumptions on his neighbours affairs and secrets once they became common knowledge. One time he made assumptions about serial killer Richard Hillman and Richard lured him to the top floor of a hotel, and then threatened him near the grand staircase which had a huge drop. He said if Norris gossips about him anymore he will kill him.

In October 2009 Norris became owner of the Kabin when he bought it from Rita, who decided to leave for a few months to travel on a cruise. She later returned to work for him in March 2010.

In December 2015 Norris was upset when Emily had decided to leave Coronation Street to see her nephew Spider Nugent in Peru for a few months and felt she was too old to travel there to do charity work. But he eventually accepted Emily's wishes and along with their other friends saw her off in the New Year. After her departure, it was clear Norris was lonely in the house. He began taking on lodgers, such as Sean Tully and Brian Packham, as well as Kirk Sutherland who briefly stayed with Norris after falling out with his wife Beth in June 2016. When Emily began to stay in Peru longer than expected, Norris began selling some of her stuff on her request.

When Emily returned to the United Kingdom in January 2018 and went to stay with her niece Freda Burgess, Norris went and stayed with them.

Background informationEdit

  • Twenty-years prior to playing Norris, Malcolm Hebden originally portrayed the role of Spaniard Carlos from 1974 to 1975.
  • Norris appeared as a recurring character from March 1994 to April 1997. The character then returned as a regular character in December 1999.
  • In January 2018, it was reported that Malcolm Hebden has taken an extended leave of absence from the show.

Memorable infoEdit

Appearances: 11 March–1 April 1994, 3 October 1994–17 April 1995, 6 September–29 December 1995, 11 March–29 December 1996, 9–14 April 1997, 1 December 1999–

Born: 5th March 1940

Full Name: Norris Benjamin Cole

ParentsEunice Mary Cole and Mr. Cole

Siblings: Ramsay Clegg (half, same mother)

Spouse: Myrtle Hargreaves (first wife), Angela Hawthorne (second wife), Mary Taylor (2017-)