Corrie martha longhurst

Martha Longhurst.

Martha Longhurst[1] was a character in Coronation Street from December 1960 to Ep 357 - 13 May 1964. She was the drinking parter of Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell.

In May 1964, Martha died of a heart attack while in The Rovers Snug. The character had been controversially axed by producer Tim Aspinall. Martha was played by actress Lynne Carol.



Martha Hartley was born on the 2nd September 1896 in Weatherfield to Jack Hartley and Mary Hartley. In 1919 she married Percy Longhurst. They had a daughter Lily Longhurst in 1926 and a son Harold Longhurst in 1927. Harold died in 1929 aged 2 after drowning. The funeral was kept quiet. Only Albert Tatlock, and Martha's friends Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell knew about her second child. One time, Martha had a fling with Handel Gartside. In 1946, Martha's husband Percy died aged about 50.


Corrie 13 may 1964

Martha dies in The Snug, 13 May 1964.

By December 1960, Martha was 64 years old and was retired, she loved gossiping with Minnie and Ena in The Rovers snug.

In 1963 Martha had health problems and went to see the doctor who put her on some pills but she kept this quiet from her friends. In March 1964, Martha met up with old friend Ted Ashley.

In May 1964, Martha attended Frank Barlow's leaving do. She ordered a sherry and felt hot and queasy so she went to sit alone in the Snug of The Rovers Return. She undid her top button of her coat. She then felt stabbing pains and slouched over the table. Martha suffered a sudden heart attack. She was found by Len a few minutes later, lifeless. Len said "She's dead". She was 68 years old.

The party was cut short by her death and everyone left quietly. Ena and Minnie grieved for Martha. Ena said how old she was when she died. She was later buried with her husband Percy. 

After her deathEdit

In July 1970, Handel Gartside returned to Weatherfield after 33 years of living in Canada. He was chatting to Ena and Minnie in The Rovers and said he needs to buy 3 drinks, as he is sure Martha will come into the pub in a minute but Ena broke the news that Martha died 6 years ago.

In May 1974, on the 10th anniversary of her death, the occasion was marked.

In May 1975, 11 years on, it was believed Martha's ghost was haunting The Rovers.

In Ep 1910 - 9 May 1979, Ena Sharples said it has been 15 years since Martha died.

In September 2011, Roy Cropper wondered why there was strange noises coming from inside his cafe, Roys Rolls, Rosamund Street. Dennis Tanner joked it was the ghost of Martha Longhurst, Roy had no idea who Martha was and Dennis said it was before Roy's time. Martha had been dead for 47 years by 2011.

Memorable infoEdit

Born: 2nd September 1896

Full Name: Martha Longhurst (Nee Hartley)

Parents: Jack Hartley and Mary Hartley

Siblings: 2 sisters

Spouse: Percy Longhurst (1919-1946)

ChildrenLily Longhurst (1926), Harold Longhurst (1927)

Grandchildren: Sandra Haddon