Corrie 4 jul 1997
A new family arrives in Coronation Street and this signals a massive change for the quiet street. They are The Battersby's who are a problem family and have been rehoused to Number 5 Coronation Street. They are Les Battersby, his wife Janice Battersby, Janice's daughter Toyah Battersby and Les' daughter Leanne Battersby, Toyah's step sister.


  • Janice Battersby, first seen in January, was a regular character from this episode onwards to her 2011 departure.
  • First appearance of Les, Toyah and Leanne Battersby. This episode signalled a much needed change for Coronation Street which was seen as outdated by new producer Brian Park.

Prev Ep Ep 4222 - 2 Jul 1997Edit

Next Ep Ep 4224 - 6 Jul 1997Edit

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