Alec Gilroy
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Alec Gilroy.

was a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in 1972 but returned full time in 1986. He left in 1992 only to return again in 1995 and left for good in Ep 4534 - 30 Dec 1998. While never an out and out villain, Alec was quite sly and deceitful and did show bad boy traits. He was a bit of a con man and swindled Jack and Vera out of The Rovers in 1998 before selling it to Natalie Barnes and leaving Weatherfield, this time for good. Steve McDonald, the grandson in law of Alec did say that Alec has shafted people all his life. Alec was the first husband of Bet Lynch and landlord of The Rovers Return, Coronation Street for many years.

Alec was played by Roy Barraclough.



Alexander Gilroy was born on the 22nd May 1935 at 4, Gas Street Back, Weatherfield. He was the second child of Reg Gilroy and Mabel Gilroy nee Henshaw. Reg was a stoker at the nearby gas works and Mabel worked at a glue factory. In about 1940, Reg left Mabel and his children Alec and Edna, and remarried. He had a daughter by his second wife. In 1955 Alec married Joyce Crosby. In 1957 she was pregnant with their first child.

Alec and Joyce had their only child Sandra Gilroy on the 10th January 1958.



After the fire at The Rovers in June 1986, Alec went into partnership with Bet Lynch, the then landlady. He helped her drum up business in the revamped Rovers. They soon became a couple and married in September 1987. In December 1987 the Rovers cleaner Hilda Ogden had a leaving party as she was moving away to the Derbyshire countryside. Alec was pleased to see the back of her, calling her a nosey parker of epic proportions. In early 1988 Bet said she was pregnant again, at almost 48 years old. Alec was pleased at fatherhood again. However Bet had a miscarriage.


Alec returned to Weatherfield in 1995 to show his disapproval of his granddaughter Vicky's relationship with Steve McDonald. Alec tried to bribe Steve to leaving Vicky but Steve refused and they married. Alec returned to Southampton.

Alec returned again in April 1996 to help Jack and Vera out in running the pub. He went into partnership with them. In 1998, Alec and Rita formed a bond but they both got cold feet. In June 1998, Alec was involved in the local councillor elections. Alec teamed up with Fred Elliott to get Audrey elected. Audrey was competing with Spider Nugent over it. Alec and Fred tried to bribe Spider into withdrawing his nomination but Spider refused.

Alec liked to meddle in Rita's affairs at The Kabin and even clashed with teenage employee Leanne Battersby. In July that year he saved Rita's life when she had carbon monixide poisoning. The radiator was fitted by former resident Bill Webster and Steve McDonald. Alec vowed to have Steve for it and they rowed in the pub over it. Alec reported Bill, Steve and Jim to the authorities but Rita decided to drop the matter, saying no one knew the radiator was faulty, and that as Jim had an accident recently, he may never walk again. She told Alec off for interfering.

Alec tried to con Jack and Vera out of the Rovers. In December 1998, Rita sided with the Duckworths and Alec felt betrayed by his best friend and this ended their friendship. Alec was getting sick of Coronation Street, and in late December 1998, his granddaughter Vicky came to see him to offer him a partnership in a wine bar in Brighton in Sussex. Alec jumped at the chance and sold the Rovers to Natalie Barnes, and told Jack and Vera she was their new boss. Alec then left Weatherfield for good.

After 1998Edit

In 2002 when Bet Lynch returned to Weatherfield briefly she revealed her and Alec were officially divorced.

Actor Roy Barraclough died in June 2017. Whether Alec's death will be mentioned is uncertain but the likeliest mention would be from either Norris or Rita, the latter especially as she knew Alec very well.

Memorable infoEdit

Appearances: 26–28 June 1972, 30 April–12 May 1975, 23 June 1986–2 September 1992, 3 July–4 August 1995, 10 April 1996–30 December 1998

Born: 22nd May 1935, 4, Gas Street Back, Weatherfield, Lancashire

Full Name: Alexander Gilroy

Parents: Reg Gilroy and Mabel Gilroy (Nee Henshaw)

Siblings: Edna Gilroy, Brenda Gilroy (Half, same father)

SpouseJoyce Crosby (1955–1971), Bet Lynch (1987–c.2002)

Children: Sandra Gilroy (1958), Miscarried Child (1988)

Granddaughter: Vicky McDonald